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ERP Software Solution Architecture is Critical
Businesses in today’s competitive landscape are faced with increasing pressures driven by smaller spending budgets, more complex global operations and changing systems technologies. New innovations in ERP software systems are addressing the challenge companies’ need to more flexible. Being more flexible today is more important than ever before. To help meet this challenge, companies are completely overhauling the way they operate and service the needs of their business. When sourcing ERP software solution, IT managers are looking at enterprise systems built on a SOA or services oriented architecture to increase overall technology flexibility. A services oriented architecture (SOA) enables businesses to meet their operational goals such as reducing costs, improving quality, and raising customer service levels. Efficiency is also improved in business processes particularly in finance, accounting, manufacturing, and human resource departments. However, SOA goes one level further by helping businesses get better at meeting the demands of changing markets, processes, new customers and potential sales opportunities. ERP systems developed on traditional architectures can greatly impact a business by: • Curtail a business’s response time in addressing issues • Increase expense and man hours to retrieve information • Increase expense associated with integrating new technologies or business processes • Require management of multiple systems that are not seamlessly integrated Companies today need to take things up a notch with their enterprise systems and ERP software, above and beyond traditional business streamlining and resource management. New enterprise systems need to also deliver the following benefits if a company is to stay competitive: • Enhanced manufacturing customization for seamless integration with business partners such as suppliers, manufacturers, suppliers and customers both domestically and internationally • Accommodate supplier feedback in the quotation process to deliver best in class accuracy and service • Optimize employee resources including incentive planning, retention, training and performance reviews both domestically and internationally • Capitalize on economies of scale and eliminate redundancies • Allow for outsourcing expensive and not core business processes A SOA based ERP software system can meet the goals above as well as: • Enable the ability to transfer processes to other location including globally • Enhancing current processes by creating composite applications that leverage current assets • Reduce custom programming • Deliver a simpler, more intuitive GUI • Simplify technology infrastructure
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mark jeffrey
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