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Solomon accounting software

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Solomon accounting software

Solomon Software was initially founded as “TLB, Inc.” for “The Lord’s Business” in 1980 by Gary Harpst, Jack Ridge, and Vernon Strong.  The name came from the founders; goal to conduct business according to biblical principles.

The first Solomon accounting software products, Solomon I and II, came on the market in 1981. In 1982, Solomon III, a 16-bit accounting software product was released. Three years later, Solomon III was already considered the industry-leading accounting software for small businesses, making Solomon Software a top accounting software company.

Solomon accounting software, in particular Solomon III, continued to win awards for flexibility and feature-strength. Solomon III has since been made more stable with more features added; it is still used by thousands of customers.

Solomon did not begin its next generation product line until the 90’s. Solomon IV, a product written in Microsoft Visual Basic, using open architecture and standard tools was released in February of 1994. Just a year later it began to win awards and today has won more awards from computer publications, accounting firms, and the programmer/developer community than any other accounting software.

In 1999, Solomon Software simplified its accounting software by unifying Solomon IV around one product and one database. Solomon IV version 4, includes financials, distribution, Buy Acala DVD Copy oem. , service dispatch, light manufacturing, development tools, and e-business applications.

Solomon account software contains General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Management, Order Processing, Customization Manager, R&R SQL Report Writer, System Manager, and Forest & Trees View Kit.

Software is always developed with singular objectives in mind, aiming at different sized customers and different industries. Still, all accounting systems have a general ledger with account numbers and financial reports; they have an average accounts payable module; and, they have standard features, but it is the differences that reveal the right product for a business’ needs.

Solomon accounting software is different. It is backed by Microsoft Corporation, offering one of the best project accounting solutions available, and it will help companies needing integrated project scheduling, costing, billing, and time keeping capabilities.

The software also provides standard templates that include different views based on the different roles in a company, Solomon Desktop which provides web access to all Solomon’s features, and it allows users to modify screens ranging from simple changes to complex customizations.  Solomon buy microsoft office university link. also maintains the custom code in such a way that the code will result compatible with future Solomon IV version releases.

Written by :
tracey boxer