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IQMS is a Big Player in the Manufacturing ERP Industry

ERP Manufacturing

IQMS is a Big Player in the Manufacturing ERP Industry

IQMS (Integrated Quality Management System) is an Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software provider.  Their ERP solution is called EnterpriseIQ.  IQMS ended their 2010 year with a thirty percent increase in revenue.  They also have forty-two new clients to boast about with a ninety-eight percent customer retention rate.  IQMS expanded their software development in 2010 and they have big plans for this year (2011).

IQMS has been in business for more than twenty years.   They have received numerous awards for their product offerings and customer service efforts.  EnterpriseIQ has a high customer ranking and is much desired by customers all around the world.  IQMS has offices in North America, Asia, India and Europe and their Enterprise Resource Planning solution comes in eight different languages.  EnterpriseIQ is well suited to repetitive manufacturers, process manufacturers and discrete manufacturers.  This Enterprise Resource Planning solution offers real-time insight in manufacturing, accounting, quality control, supply chain, CRM or Customer Relationship Management, and product activities.  EnterpriseIQ has been implemented by businesses in the automotive industry, medical industry, packaging industry, plastics and rubber industry, manufacturing industry, and consumer goods industry.  This highly scalable Enterprise Resource Planning solution has functionality that enables the solutions to easily grow as the customer grows.

IQMS doesn’t plan to stop progress on their ERP product and their other software offerings.  They recently launched a new module called RealTime Process Monitoring.  This module is intended for shop floor control and Enterprise Resource Planning communication.  RealTime Process Monitoring provides performance statistics from devices on the shop floor and provides traceability information, reliability information, accuracy information and efficient information.

The future for IQMS is quite bright.  They have plans to continue to strengthen and expand their ERP offering and other products.  IQMS also has plans to better their own infrastructure by expanding development.  Customer service has always been a priority for the ERP vendor and IQMS plans to provide even better customer service in 2011.  IQMS is a privately held business.  They are headquartered on California’s central coast in a small town called Paso Robles.  IQMS offers training courses as well as implementation and support services.  Product demos are available on the IQMS website. 

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kristine H

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