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What is ERP MRP?


What is ERP MRP?

ERP MRP is Enterprise Resource Planning is Manufacturing Resource Planning. It all started out some 40 years ago as Material Requirements Planning (MRP). The transformation eventually ended up as Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP.

These days, enterprise and manufacturing planning are pretty much one in the same. The involvement has come full circle, except for the fact that in today’s marketplace manufacturing resource planning are offered as standalone systems applications. Enterprise resource planning can support a number of industries and enterprises with applications/modules for finance and accounting, purchasing and procurement, sales and marketing, supply chain management, human resources and customer relationship management and manufacturing, among other administrative touch points.

Enterprise resource planning ERP MRP plays a much larger role today’s marketplace. It goes beyond what manufacturing resource planning was meant to do and continues to evolve into a systems platform that many companies are installing for better business intelligence. The ability to cover all core functions within a company has impressed both management executives and staff alike. And not only business concerns, but governments and nonprofit organizations have also jumped on the bandwagon.

Today’s manufacturers can work on an ERP platform that provides all of the applications modules needed to conduct business, such as:
•    Multiple manufacturing modes – process, mixed mode
•    Technical data configurator
•    Replenishment and planning rules
•    MPS, MRP schedule
•    Work plan and manufacturing analysis
•    Interactive finite/infinite capacity planning
•    Variety of material tracking methods
•    Weighing station interface
•    Cost accounting

Manufacturers can find cost-effective ERP MRP and management tools that empower management and staff to collaborate better with trading partners, manage the entire financial life cycle of the manufacturing business process, and build a sustainable advantage in the industry. Manufacturing modules include: Master Planning, Product Builder, Production, Shop Floor Control accounting, the warehouse, supply chain management, and more.

Manufacturers utilized a materials requirements planning application to assign and track all inclusive parts needed for the product, identify when the parts were be ordered and how many would be required for inventory stock based on the production schedule. Materials resource planning went on to be called, Manufacturing resource planning, or as some referred to it, MRPll.

Management felt that the resource planning stage had broadened and needed to extend itself to other areas that supported the manufacturing process; these would include supply chain management, human resources, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, project management and coordination, shop floor control and eventually customer relationship management.

Written by :
Don Cooper

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