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The Advantages and Disadvantages That Vendors of ERP Manufacturing Software Gain (Part I)

The Advantages and Disadvantages That Vendors of ERP Manufacturing Software Gain by Avoiding Indispensable Work In Progress Procedures and How this Affects Their Clients and Customers(Part I)/ Why the Services of Promotion Provided by Popular Social Media Networks like Youtube are Especially Valuable for Businesses in the Manufacturing industry

ERP Manufacturing Software

The Advantages and Disadvantages That Vendors of ERP Manufacturing Software Gain

As recounted earlier, the many recent examples of imperfect software products delivered by vendors to keep ahead of the current world- wide financial crisis and stay on top of the competition, have been steadily growing over the past 3 years. Another important cause for this environment involves the struggle for competition between the social networking outlets, especially the battle between Facebook and MySpace to capture new customer audiences and internet users worldwide, and Youtube’s failure to provide regular user account and activity updates or up to date demographics and statistics for the user’s video content.

As a side- note, the reader should be aware that the services provided by the most popular social media networks offer great potential for increased promotion and market visibility for vendors seeking to expand their customer audience, and also for buyers who are searching for the right ERP manufacturing software solution. Youtube especially is considered a great avenue for developing instructional or advertising videos for the ERP manufacturing software solutions that vendors offer in the market; SAP along with others has recently this past year begun uploading video content on Youtube, specifically to train customers or attract potential buyers to the many benefits of ERP software systems.

For manufacturers, such videos are extremely valuable because they describe in detail the architectural design of a manufacturer in the cycle of supply-chain management/ production, financial and accounting transactions, how to process delivery to customers and clientele, and how to successfully integrate the applications of appropriate and customizable ERP manufacturing software solutions into their factory lines and the organizational infrastructure of Plant processes.

The long-term effects of releasing an imperfect ERP manufacturing software product by avoiding WIP delays without considering the implications, and without ensuring the full functionality and operability of each single component and running it through its initial beta testing stages first, produce an unstoppable domino effect which impacts every level in the company and their relations with external partners and clientele. It interrupts the cycle of production and delivery; leading to loss of customers and to subsequent negative repercussions which, in such a case as the model described above, is due to a vendor’s refusal to shift to Work in Progress strategies – but which may help the vendor in some circumstances - and still release a product without assurance that it will work properly.

Considering the large base of world- wide customers that these big vendors cater to – especially in the ERP manufacturing software sector -, a marketing strategist would explain this behavior in terms of high short- term profit for the vendor in question, assuming that only a limited number of the imperfect model has a been manufactured and so the ERP vendor can still make up the loss and overhead cost with the other thousands (or millions) of models sold that function properly in the meantime, while in the process recalling the imperfect number of models or directly refunding (even through gift certificates) the specific unsatisfied customers to whom the imperfect product was delivered.            

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