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Manufacturing Management Software

The manufacturing industry makes up a large part of today’s global economy, mainly because so many different types of businesses fall under the spectrum called ‘manufacturing’.  This is an industry that runs the gamut. The basis of manufacturing is simple:  transform raw materials, either organic or inorganic, into usable products. The complexity enters into the equation when one considers that almost everything- from cars, textiles, chemicals, electronics, wood, plastics, oil extraction, food, leather, and metals falls under this definition.

ERP Manufacturing

There is no doubt that both the swift technological advances and globalization of the market have served to make the manufacturing environment immensely competitive. In order to succeed, manufacturers must constantly find other ways to design and make products in a cost-effective and well-organized manner. Most of all, they need to continuously improve product quality. Manufacturing companies cannot afford to mass produce without an end-goal in mind.  For manufacturers and their suppliers, the ultimate goal is to produce safe, reliable, high-quality products –and to make a profit while doing so. Consequently, manufacturing plants must be managed to maximize productivity while retaining quality –at as low a cost as possible to the manufacturer. And, the best way to accomplish has been proven to be with the use of Manufacturing Management Software.

Manufacturing Management Software

Manufacturing management is defined as the compilation of methods used to identify how products are to be manufactured. Each method might have its unique procedure and might not be appropriate for other processes. Management software has been designed to address this problem as well as to organize and control all other aspects inherent to running a manufacturing plant.

Manufacturing management software is a suite of software applications that integrates a company's manufacturing data from multiple sources to aid in reporting, analysis, visual summaries, and sharing data between enterprise-level and plant-floor systems. The combined data is then established in a new structure to make locating information easier. The best manufacturing software solutions include the capabilities to manage everything needed to control and track the production course of action -from the initial quote to a customer, through the purchase of inventory and the rest of the supply chain, all the way to final shipping and distribution. In addition, manufacturing management software provides companies with control over the many administrative duties that are a part of any business, tasks such as hiring, billing, customer relations, etc. Some of the modules contained in these solutions are modules for: quotations –to quickly quote jobs factoring in the cost of materials, labor, taxes, and profit;  sales order –transforms quotes into sales orders and keeps a history of changes and revisions; word order - create a step by step production of procedures and inspection requirements, certification requirements, materials needed, and deadlines for each job; inventory –sets minimum and maximum levels for all inventory; shipping - allows for selection of quantity to be shipped, destination, and entry of the number of boxes to be used, plus the weight, partial orders are tracked with packing slip detailing not just what is being shipped but the balance remaining; and production management –allows for views into the job status of particular orders including where the job is in the production cycle, and what work is still outstanding.


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