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ERP Software Bangalore

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ERP Software

India has come forward as a world leader in the area of Information Technology. In the past ten years, the Enterprise Resource Planning Software market, or the ERP market, in India has emerged as one of the most important contributors to ERP Sales in the Global Market. There is no doubt that the largest pool of English speaking, technically qualified manpower in the world using and making ERP Software exists in India. Some of their low cost, technologically superb prominent solutions to various segments of industries are among the best in the world.

One of the crucial factors contributing to this deviation from the past is that vendors completed a lot of promotional, informational projects virtually educating businesses in the country as to the benefits and the importance of ERP Software. As a result, the ERP software market grew tremendously in the Indian Domestic sector at the same time implementation projects were decreasing in number throughout most of North America. A second factor is that many well-known names in software, like Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Sage, and Inform continued to design products for the Indian businesses, keeping in mind their regulations, laws, and requirements. Then, the third factor was the reduction in cost of most licensing. This lowered the cost of ERP software greatly and it meant SMEs and SMBs were able to jump into the market for ERP products. The fourth powerful impact came from foreign investment by many industries that took place throughout India. When the parent company back home was using ERP and benefitting from this use, it was logical that they would want to put ERP in place in the foreign subsidiaries, too.

The headquarters of all this ERP Software development, training, consulting, and research and development is Bangalore, India. Bangalore is India’s third largest city with a population of over five million. Today it is considered synonymous with the IT revolution that has taken place in the country. At the moment, Bangalore is the hub of about three-hundred high tech companies that employ more than forty thousand people, and last year these companies were responsible for fifteen percent of the market capitalization on India's leading stock market, the Mumbai stock exchange. And, it is also notable that these ERP Software Bangalore companies are beginning to enter the North American high tech market. In fact, not long ago, Infosys Technologies, a business based in Bangalore, made its appearance on the Nasdaq exchange.

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Amy Cruz

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