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ERP Software Download Free

ERP Software Download Free

ERP software is not cheap. The total cost of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solution includes hardware prices, and ERP implementation costs. And, the implementation costs themselves include training, customization, integration, data conversion, analysis, consultancy, and maintenance. Before the ERP software is up and running, a business may have spent anywhere within a range of ten thousand to ten million dollars  depending on the vendor, number of users, complexity of the solution, and the implementation locations.

To look at two examples: a commercial ERP Software solution for a large enterprise with 1,000 users that needed customization for certain specific needs as well as training for employees could be as high as $20 million –and that does not include yearly maintenance fees; at the same time, for a small business with twenty-five users or less, the total cost of an ERP solution could be as low as fifty to seventy-five thousand dollars.

With such figures been thrown around as the average, a solution had to be found  in order to make an enterprise resource planning software system available to smaller, less wealthy companies.  This new solution is an ERP software download for free.  In fact, today many ERP vendors provide open source software for free downloading online because they can still make money by providing ongoing support services for these ERP Software Downloads.

There was a time when ‘free’ downloads were looked down upon because they tended to bring along a whole new set of problems along the lines of intrusive spyware and embedded advertising. Critics also complained the actual use of the free downloaded ERP was restricted due to the lack of functionality available. Those complaints have been resolved.

Still, there are a few things for businesses thinking about ERP Software downloads for free to keep in mind. To begin with, although free ERP is capable of providing usable, less costly computer management and accounting solutions for small or medium companies which can be operated efficiently, integrating the free software with any existing management business programs is a concern. To avoid a fiasco, a company should first examine whether the downloaded software will be compatible with what is already there. The second point to keep in mind is that just because the software programs are available for free downloading does not mean the ERP modules and implementation services won’t be as costly as their commercial counterparts.

Written by :
Amy Cruz

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