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Workday’s SaaS ERP Solution

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Workday’s SaaS ERP Solution

Don’t get left in the dust of old technology.  Reach for the clouds with the latest and greatest technology, cloud computing and SaaS (Software as a Service).   For those of you out there who are die hard techies, you might know that cloud computing made Gartner’s list of the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2011. For those of you out there who aren’t really sure what cloud computing is, let me explain.  Cloud computing uses the Internet to access, modify, and delete application data located on remote servers.  Cloud computing enables SaaS computing.  For example, Workday has SaaS ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions or applications that reside on Workday servers.  Workday customers don’t have these solutions on their mainframe nor are they anywhere at the customer site because these solutions live on Workday servers.  Workday customers navigate to a specific url, login, and access their data via the Internet.  The “cloud” represents the Internet because one must go through the internet to get to their data hosted on remote servers.   Now, there’s lots to explain, so read on and I promise to take you on an intriguing flight through the clouds as we discuss this innovate technology in detail.  And, we’ll discover more about Workday’s SaaS ERP solutions, which are all the rage.

With SaaS ERP solutions you get to pay as you play (so to speak).  You basically pay to use the system.  It’s like renting a power washer.  You pay for the power washer while you use it and then return it.  No upfront investment costs.  The implementation doesn’t take place at the customer site because it takes place at a Workday datacenter.  At this datacenter your data is backed up and secured.  As Workday updates their software, you can take advantage of these updates without having to perform the upgrade yourself.

Workday’s current solutions include Human Capital Management, Payroll, Financial Management, Spend Management, Higher Education and Services.  Workday’s Human Capital Management and Payroll modules provide functionality for employee benefits, compensation, absence, staffing, performance, succession, worker spend management, and benefits network.  Workday’s Financial Management and Spend Management modules provide the following functionality; financial accounting, supplier management, revenue management, resource management, cash management, projects and spend management.  Workday’s Services module includes deployment services and lifecycle services functionality.  However, Workday’s list of SaaS ERP solutions or applications seem to be growing rather rapidly.  You might want to keep your eyes peeled on Workday.

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kristine H

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