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ERP Australia

ERP systems refer to software tools which ensure that a business can run as efficiently as possible.  These systems are designed to deal with all the basic functions of a specific venture, regardless of how that business is organized or what it produces. Add-on modules designed to handle almost any unique need a business may have can be purchased separately; these are then included to the basic system acquired, and the whole package is integrated into a business’ existing software.  So many varied systems and modules exist, in fact, that at the moment, non-manufacturing businesses, non-profit organizations, and even government agencies are all able to utilize enterprise resource planning management systems.

LSA Australia is a privately owned software company providing this type of energy resource planning to Australia and beyond. With offices in Sidney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, this vendor  is really known as ERP Australia.  Founded in 1983, the name changed in 2003, but the focus has remained the same: to deliver and support ERP manufacturing software solutions both flexible and versatile to businesses in the Australian and New Zealand markets.
Since 1994, LSA Australia has worked with the VISUAL suite of ERP software. This has served to coordinate a wealth of experience in finance, manufacturing and information technology within the company, allowing for implementation, training, and support for all ERP Australia software. Concentrating on what matters most to customers, that is –software that will make their businesses run more efficiently and realize larger profits – has accounted for the success of ERP Australia.

Infor ERP VISUAL is the name of the latest suite of ERP solutions available from LSA. It promises potential customers a more rapid access to information and extensive operational control creating a solid foundation for successfully weathering unforeseen changes in the marketplace. Infor ERP VISUAL is a system that is robust enough to support the unique needs of your business.

A new player since 2003 in the ERP Australia market is Extended Technologies. By providing ERP “end to end” solutions backed by their expertise in software, Extended Technologies has developed an impressive client list made us of some of the largest businesses in Australia.  This list includes:  Queensland Cotton, Super Cheap Auto, and Grain Corp.  The goal of Extended Technologies is to provide Australian companies with ERP capable of growing right along with the demands of a business.  As a result, Extend Technologies has been able to create lasting partnerships with many of their customers.

Written by :
Amy Cruz

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