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Navy Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP -  Navy Solutions

Navy Enterprise Resource Planning: Navy ERP Solutions

The US Navy has adopted and implemented an ERP system that, like most systems, allows database sharing across the organization and streamlines a variety of business functions.  Navy Enterprise Resource Planning software also standardizes communication formats across multiple commands. These are functionalities and requirements that the Navy has in common with most business enterprises that benefit from ERP systems, but with a few additions. For example, since the Navy is taxpayer funded, it needs a Navy Enterprise Resource Planning system that can provide financial transparency and asset visibility across all aspects of operations management.

The Navy Enterprise Resource Planning solution has been provided and supported by SAP, a corporation known for the highest level of security and reliability in terms of systems integration and control of back office business functions.

The Navy made the decision to adopt an integrated ERP system for the reason most business do: to streamline functionality and to install a platform that would allow the removal of old outmoded IT systems, reduce redundancy, and allow the organization to simplify the way business is managed across a large number of teams, units and departments. Because stewardship and financial visibility are key components of Navy operations, and because skill sets must ideally be transportable throughout the system, almost all Navy databases are built in the same style and securely accessible throughout the organization.  

Can your business benefit from the same high performance SAP system that controls operations for a branch of the US military? SAP provides customized solutions for both small and large enterprises, so you may want to consider investigating the suites, or collections of applications, on offer that can help you to streamline your business functions and improve your overall approach to efficiency and asset management.

Before you implement an ERP solution, consider the following aspects of your current business functionality. Your organization may not be as diverse as the US Navy or some of the other large scale clients and recipients of SAP services, but you still may require changes in database standardization between some of your departments and not others. Can you identify which of your teams depend the most on shared data access without opening a series of spreadsheets? Can you provide an instant snapshot of the relationship between targeted promotions and rising or falling sales figures? Do you know which of your teams are the strongest contributors to various revenue streams? Navy enterprise resource planning systems are designed to handle logistical and accounting challenges that some businesses share and others don’t. How do your needs stack up? A reliable SAP business solution may be sized to fit the needs of a large and diverse organization, but it may also be flexible enough to help your own business grow.

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