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Multiple Social Media Accounts to Promote Visibility (Pt. III)

ERP Software Solutions- The Importance For a Company of Subscribing to Multiple Social Media Accounts to Promote Visibility (Pt. III)- Utilizing the Multiple Benefits of the User Options Provided by Social Media and Related Applications to their Fullest Potential for Rating Customer Satisfaction With the ERP Software Solutions Delivered by a Specific Vendor

ERP Software Solutions

Multiple Social Media Accounts to Promote Visibility (Pt. III)

In connection with the multiple benefits for sellers of erp software solutions of using innovative and progressively more widely-used erp applications such as the “Like’ or “Dislike” button function, which are employed by the majority of the social media outlets (Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, etc.) and also by the numerous networking blog sites and online community forums hosted by private websites to bring closer together the global community of internet users and subscribers, there are additional positive features to the user rating process (exemplified by the “Thumbs Up” and “Thumbs Down” icons a user can click on to rate a certain content).

In fact, the ratings can also be viewed by anyone who accesses the web page, and since social media sites are used by everyone in society and not just in the business world, this has the particular benefit -or disadvantage, depending on whether the ratings for a product or service reflect a negative response - of providing maximum exposure to multiple Internet user audiences of diverse backgrounds. It is therefore significantly and mutually advantageous for customers interested in implementing erp software solutions for their internal company functions and business activities and for sellers of ERP software systems, because through these ratings a potential buyer can gauge the quality and efficacy of the various erp software solutions available on the market, and the erp vendor can have a better overview of customer preference and- literally- measure their level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the company's products or services.

The latter point is emphasized clearly by the ratings “measuring bar,” another add-on/application often used in conjunction with the “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down” rating buttons- which normally appears next to these icons, and can appear colored green or red depending on the number of positive versus negative votes received (it also shows degrees of rating variability by the changing colors appearing on the bar- for instance, if a video or other content receives half positive and half negative votes, as in the manner of 3 “likes” and 3 “dislikes,” half of the measuring bar will appear green and the other half red. Such for example is the way it is used by Youtube which- like facebook and Myspace- also has further user options related to the rating process.

These features- also common to Facebook, Myspace, and others- include statistical graphs showing an analysis of content popularity, based on viewer demographics and data from countries around the world. It is obvious that, as already examined in previous articles, social media sites such as Facebook and Youtube, because they are online-based, also implement erp software solutions to run their software programs and their applications and to deploy their services on a global level. And this fact is evinced by the use of just such applications which collect, analyze and process statistical data from the global community of internet users, taking into account various demographics such as user age and location; the degree of video or content popularity on a regional as well as national and international level; and overall viewer response over a determined period of time.