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Lawson’s ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions

Lawson’s ERP Solutions Provide Robust Functionality for Manufacturers, Distributors, and Maintenance and Service Oriented Companies

Lawson is a software vendor with over four thousand customers located in more than forty countries around the world.  Lawson provides ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning solutions, along with several other types of software solutions, to manufacturers, distributors, and maintenance and service oriented companies.  Lawson’s ERP best suits the following industries;
•    Asset Intensive
•    Distribution
•    Equipment Service Management
•    Fashion
•    Financial Services
•    Food and Beverage
•    Manufacturing
•    Healthcare
•    Public Sector
•    Rental
•    Retail
•    Service Providers
Lawson has two ERP solutions called Lawson M3 ERP and Lawson S3 ERP.  The Lawson M3 ERP solution provides functionality for manufacturers and distributors.  Companies in the Food and Beverage industry, Manufacturing industry, and Distribution industry would benefit from this Lawson ERP solution.  The Lawson S3 ERP solution provides functionality for service related industries.  Companies in the Rental industry, Equipment Service Management industry, and Public Sector would benefit from this Lawson ERP solution.  The Lawson ERP solutions suit two types of manufacturers; process and discrete.  Process manufacturers process recipes and / or formulas.   Businesses in the Food and Beverage industry will need process manufacturing functionality.  Discrete manufacturers make products that can be broken down into their original parts once put together. 
Along with Enterprise Resource Planning solutions, Lawson offers the following software packages and platforms;
•    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
•    Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
•    Clinical Software
•    Business Process Management (BPM)
•    System Foundation (Platform)
Lawson’s solutions can be purchased independently or as a suite.  For example, a customer can buy the Lawson M3 ERP suite, or, simply purchase the BPM solution.  Lawson’s ERP solutions aren’t only available for on-premise implementation.  Recently Lawson acquired a SaaS (Software as a Service) Human Resource provider called Enwisen.  The Enwisen solution is part of Lawson’s Resource Navigator application. 
While Lawson has a good name and reputation in the Enterprise Resource Planning industry, their ERP solutions may or may not be suited to your company’s unique needs.  It’s a good idea to explore the ERP market and discover all that it has to offer before selecting a solution.  Knowing your company well and your company’s wants and needs will help you select the best Enterprise Resource Planning solution.

Written by :
kristine H

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