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Government ERP Systems

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Government ERP Systems

without script. (CRM). Most of the solutions for customer relations were designed for business, but government at all levels, have adapted ERP software solutions for dealing with constituencies throughout the country. There are a number of companies that have software options for government; below we list a few of them.

Aplicor is a strong player in the area of government Enterprise Resource Planning. It offers a software as a service CRM solution for government agencies which includes citizen-centric e-Government CRM, call center support, citizens self service, economic development automation, e-Government Process Workflow and Information Intelligence. Government CRM excels in the benefits of ease of use, staff productivity, and return on investment and access to information. This service is delivered on-demand via an Internet Web browser. Some of Aplicor’s other government services include ERP software for accounting, distribution, human resources, payroll, and manufacturing.

Other companies involved in supplying software for government ERP include, Lawson, Oracle and SAP. Government presents a big challenge for software companies expanding the Enterprise Resource Planning universe.

Written by :
Don Cooper

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