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There are many vendors currently designing for the inventory control software market, and, as a result, there are many exceptional products to be had. One of the very best is ManageMore’s Inventory Control Software.

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Inventory Software Review, Part II

ManageMore’s inventory control software is intended to provide flexibility.  From the initial setup of inventory templates to the creation of multiple pricing methods, ManageMore's Inventory control software meets the mixed requirements of a broad variety of industries.

To begin with, ManageMore includes inventory templates which allow companies to set up individual business rules. Users can define default inventory item pricing, general ledger accounts, taxes, category, department, warranty, and up to five user-definable settings per template –and all of this can reflect how the business is run.  

With ManageMore's Inventory control software, it is also possible to establish a number of separate warehouses, holding facilities, and store locations -- each with its particular inventory levels for similar part numbers.  

ManageMore's inventory control software program can streamline the process of receiving, selling, or returning serialized inventory items.  Another benefit of this inventory program is that it does not require a plant to be closed or stop production in order to reconcile these changes and perform an accurate inventory count. The software also generates reports with data necessary to assist businesses in purchasing the right products at the right time.

Many businesses are currently using data collectors to quickly do inventory counts.  With dozens of inexpensive hardware models available, businesses are taking advantage of the efficiency and accuracy of such a device, so ManageMore made it easy to import the data gathered from most of these devices in a matter of seconds.  

Many manufacturers use kits, or the bundling products for a special price. As kits are sold to customers, ManageMore's Inventory control software automatically reduces appropriate inventory levels on all components that make up the kit.  The software also keeps track of which individual  products or kits are selling well and which are not.

ManageMore additionally supports a variety of pricing methods and these can be setup to streamline profit calculations in a more systematic manner.  Every business has to either create special sales incentives or increase its prices to reflect inflation and the cost of doing business.  ManageMore's Inventory can set rules and conditions for inventory categories that require price updates.  Utilizing pricing methods like Markup and Margin percentages, one can quickly do mass changes to inventory without the time-taking effort of manual data entry.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary explains the definition of ‘inventory’ as an itemized list of current assets or a list of the quantity of goods and materials on hand. Inventory is not only a list of current assets, but it is THE most valuable asset. With this in mind, it is easy to see how the ability to control and manage inventory has been a crucial piece of running successful business for as long as commerce has existed. Consequently, programs to help businesses keep careful track of their goods and raw materials originated in the 1960s, with the advent of software programming.

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Inventory Software Review

Inventory is not static.  It is a constantly changing record of available materials. Manufacturers keep records of materials from which to make product as well as records of products already made and waiting in the warehouse to either be sold or delivered. Inventory control is, therefore, necessary for manufacturers because it is what guides the needed flexibility in order for businesses to deal with outgoing orders, incoming stock, backorders, returns, or dead stock among one or many warehouses and store locations.  The best way to manage an accurate control over inventory is to use inventory software.

It was early in the 60s that J.I. Case (a construction machinery company) and workers from IBM combined their ideas and their effort, and created software they called Material Requirements Planning or MRP. Although the application software was a bit awkward to operate, to some extent it was capable of performing its specified task of helping manufacturers oversee inventory. Early in the 70s, SAP –a company formed by five engineers, was founded. SAP produced standard software for more integrated business procedures than just managing inventory. By 1980, JD Edwards had already started to work on the second generation of MRP, called Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP) II. This software utilized newer applications for coordinating certain businesses processes such as: product planning, part purchasing, and product distribution. Still, the focus of MRP II remained the process of inventory control.

An Inventory Software Review of the market today would unearth inventory control software that is much more complex. In fact, an array of the features and functions is quite impressive.  For example, nowadays inventory software: integrates with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger; maintains total data for each item, including quantity on-hand, on-order, held, pending, vendors, substitute items, and transaction history for years; allows up to eight price levels per items with markup or discount  price level definitions; provides templates for rapid creation of similar inventory items; provides physical inventory capabilities with simple inventory count processes; generates instant inquiry of part information including receipts, issues, returns, and adjustments; allows for inventory to be moved between warehouses without any problems by tracking quantities for multiple locations when needed; permits inventory counting while transactions are being processed; allows inventory adjustments by quantities and costs; accepts various methods of pricing per part; stores images of parts; uses last, LIFO, and FIFO costing methods to note inventory adjustments; tracks minimum and maximum stocking levels per part; accepts up to five product attributes in the description of each part; permits pricing information for parts to be updated automatically through global price change feature; allocates items to different journal entries, if needed; works with various methods of inventory counting; automatically discontinues a part after the last item is sold; accepts imported inventory data for new products; defines restocking fees per item; works with various ways to search for inventory items (SKU, UPC, Description, Department, Category, Attribute, and Intellisearch; supports entry of unit cost and unit price with precision up to five decimal places; and allows unlimited codes to be assigned as alternate methods to lookup inventory items.

Inventory management requires being prepared when the time comes for a manufacturing or distribution project. You need the assurance that all items and materials are accounted for and in place. Quite often, when a project is scheduled, there are some inconsistencies found.

For some reason or other, something is missing or unaccounted for. Fortunately, if you are using enterprise resource planning (ERP), you can rest assured that the entire requested inventory is secured and ready for distribution. If you have checked out some inventory management software reviews you will know that the ERP system will help to ensure that you are covered.

Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software Reviews

Planning and scheduling doesn’t always go as planned. You can chalk that up to improper oversight, communication breakdown or inefficient software. Enterprise software will give you the type of insight and visibility you need to ensure that you have all of the bases covered. That means every type of item or equipment required to get the job done is on-site and ready to go, or that arrangements have been made for just-in-time delivery. With the ERP system, you know where you stand at any given point.

With enterprise software you have full control of the inventory component, because your inventory application module is designed to ensure that checks and double checks are made and confirmed. You know the status of all stock keeping units (SKUs) and you know when it is time to re-order. Inventory management software reviews have revealed to you the best enterprise vendor for your needs, and your platform is designed as near as possible to your requirements. When there is a problem you can detect it right away and know how to respond. That’s the kind backup you get with this software system

Today, especially for small businesses, you have more options open to you. You can have all of the application modules necessary to administer the inventory unit, as well as coordinated connections to every area of the business. These connections also extend beyond the business to external resources, as well. If your customers call for information regarding their order, or to see if something is available, you can give them the right response; knowing that if it’s not in stock, you can arrange to get it right away

To find the right software package you have to shop around. And that’s just as true with ERP as with any other type of system. So do your inventory management software reviews before you take the leap.

Small business has a good tool in town.  Inflow inventory software, reviews have been praising its benefits to small business for some time now.  CNET gave the free download 4 and a half stars, the TopTenReviews InFlow inventory software review places it as #1 in a field of ten and Gadget Reviews and Money Making Tips describes it as the “best software that one can use in small business”.

Inflow inventory software

Inflow inventory software review places it among industry leaders

Affordable for small business, Inflow inventory software, reviewers point out, is flexible and easy to use. A full trial version is available for free download with the standard version listed at $299.

With small businesses specifically in mind, InFlow Inventory is inventory software geared to track sales, purchasing, customers, vendors, and inventory management and control. Notable features include:

o    Accounting Integration
o    Barcode / RFID Scanning
o    Business Process Control
o    Custom Pricing Options
o    Customizable Fields
o    Customizable Reporting
o    Data Import/Export
o    Inventory Locator
o    Order Entry
o    Purchase Orders
o    Reporting
o    Stock Inquiries
o    Supplier Management
o    Transfer Management
o    Warehouse Management

For small businesses with an inventory, Inflow inventory software, reviewers are quick to point to the software’s versatility and ability to multi-task.  Inflow inventory software and finance work well together.  Inflow inventory software, reviews point out the software’s ability to handle multiple currencies and customer relations, provide multiple user access without huge changes in infrastructure, Inflow inventory software is a big business tool at a small business price.

Not only does is make smooth work of order fulfillment and inventory maintenance, this accounting friendly package also handles returns quite well.

Small businesses can capitalize on the functionality offered by Inflow inventory software. Review after review sites increased profitability as a quantifiable benefit arising from incorporating Inflow inventory software into the business processes of small inventory owning businesses.

Inflow inventory software, reviews note that support and training are sophisticated and completely accessible. Training through on-screen and the user manual is more than adequate for this easy to use product and tech support by means of comprehensive FAQs and on-line chat is more than adequate (some reviewers describe as the best they’ve tested) especially since support is offered at no additional cost.

The database capabilities of Inflow inventory software are not limited to simply addressing a business’s own needs or even that of their customers.  Database flexibility allows for vendor management.

Inflow inventory software represents an excellent choice for small business.

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