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Can Your CRM Evolve as Fast as Your Customers? (Part 9b)

12 December 2012

CRM is about knowing customers and meeting their specific needs to gain their patronage and loyalty, as well as new customer referrals.

CRM Software

Can Your CRM Evolve as Fast as Your Customers? (Part 9b)

It is treating all customers well and exceptional customers exceptionally well, with a level of service that ensures profitability. Midsize firms can leverage this smarter approach to CRM to combine the best attributes of a large enterprise and a small business. Today they can have at their fingertips the insights needed to provide the high-quality experiences that today’s customers are demanding—and to do it profitably.

The smarter approach to CRM is a powerful customer engagement methodology for midsize businesses looking to build customer loyalty and gain market share, particularly in a slow economy. As a manager in a midsize business, take a close look at the goals you are trying to reach. Do you have actionable data to know and service your customer better? Have you considered a mobile strategy? Are your contact center agents able to collaborate seamlessly, and are your marketing programs automated based on real-time data?  If these types of questions are top of mind, it may be time to reexamine your customer engagement strategy and  see if a smarter approach to CRM would help you address these and other questions.

Continued in Part 10



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