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In just about every type of business in every country, the industry leaders are placing an incredible amount of resources on implementing tools and technology to better manage their people and their customers. Investments in human assets and in customer relationship or CRM solutions in parallel with long term strategic initiatives are making ERP CRM applications high on the priority list as companies focus on one of the most important aspects of their business, their customers. ERP CRM implementation initiatives are being embraced by leading companies in every industry such as Disney, Proctor and Gamble, HP, Starwood Hotels, and Whirlpool and are significant component of their company wide strategic plan.

These companies and thousands of others are incorporating enterprise applications and ERP CRM solutions to provide the foundation for a customer relationship management focused strategy for competitive advantage and long term financial gain..

Large enterprise initiatives are not anything revolutionary to businesses as most businesses participated in enterprise wide technology and ERP implementation in the eighties and nineties to automate generic administrative functions like accounting, finance and administration departments along with other back office processes.  Now the movement is focused on the front office, where humans are interacting with other humans in very high value and high margin activities that touch sales prospects and current customers, the bread a butter of the company.  Front office, high touch, high value activities include customer support, customer service, and sales.  Companies today that are implementing ERP CRM applications and software solutions are realizing significant sales increases, productivity increases, decreasing costs and higher customer satisfaction giving these companies a stronger P&L and a stronger competitive advantage.

The key areas of ERP CRM software are features and functionality that segment the customer base into meaningful marketing segments enabling marketing manager and the sales force to customize advertising campaigns, focus the right amount of resources to achieve the optimum ROI for each channel and customer and streamline current business processes with automation where appropriate.

Segmenting customers entails that groups of consumers are separated into similar profiles with respect to product preference, lifecycle analytics, selling potential and customer service and support requirements.  

The best customer segmentation strategies concentrate on working and communicating with customers from multiple channels.  One example of this is the methods that are available to customers to order products.  A consumer can order products via phone, internet, fax, retail and phone.  Any purchasing method not offered to a customer base are potentially lost sales. Making sure a customer is aligned by the right marketing messages and vehicles to meet his buying and product preferences is the key to a winning ERP CRM solution and a winning business model and critical  in today’s highly competitive market.

As with any ERP application and initiative, knowing and defining the company’s business processes is imperative.  It’s a good idea to get the right business processes in place prior to and ERP CRM implementation to ensure that any enhancements, refinement and automation strategies are building on a solid foundation.  ERP applications are not intended to fix business processes but rather to streamline and optimize current processes to get the best outcome possible.

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