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What was once an uninterrupted flow is becoming a series of moments–from the point when the consumer first becomes aware of a new product or service, through the...
Customer service is expensive. Ironically, since interaction with customers is the source of nearly 100% of most companies’ revenue, enterprises still need to streamline the process. Before the...
A cloud platform offers flexibility that traditional systems don’t provide. In periods of rapid growth, deploying new data centers in multiple locations, perhaps multiple countries, can be a...
Ambitious small businesses and high-growth startups are a natural fit when it comes to software-as-a-service (SaaS) and an on-demand cloud infrastructure. ERP Software How start-ups soar even higher in the...
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Startup organizations are always cost sensitive, so IT budgets are a big line item and a key component of most business models today. Cloud computing is an ideal solution to...
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