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Vesper- Solutions-Content Management System

Vesper Solutions is an emerging business consultancy and software solution company bringing top-of-the-line business solutions to the region of Central and Eastern Europe.esper provides the most comprehensive and best-of-breed enterprise solutions in technology categories of Document Creation and Automation, Content Management and Marketing Management. We add value through partnerships with leading technology companies combined with expert consultancy arising from extensive know-how and experience of our professional consultants. Our Solutions Enterprise Content Creation and Document Automation Streamline document creation and workflow processes using high-performance enterprise document solutions to achieve greater consistency and effectivity of customer communication. Enterprise Content Management and Information Management Employ powerful solutions to effectively leverage content to accelerate business growth by improving customer experience and streamlining business processes. Enterprise Marketing Management Use essential solutions helping marketers achieve greater efficiency and higher success rate of their marketing. The web has undergone a number of major evolutions. With Web 1.0, Amazon radically reset consumer expectations around the buying experience, focusing traditional business on leveraging the web and rich content to promote easy customer self-service. Technology requirements for Web 1.0 focused on enabling business users to easily create and manage rich content using basic publishing oriented content management systems. This content fed into dynamic websites custom built by teams of web developers. Web Content Management 2.0 is as big a shift both in technology and customer expectations. Today consumers are used to using Google Maps, GMail, Blogger, Flickr,, and Wikipedia. These new services – associated with a new generation of websites popularly known as Web 2.0 – have again reset expectations creating a fundamental shift in both technology requirements and associated business requirements for content management. These have had a fundamental effect on user’s expectations in the areas of: Rich User Interface, Participation, Community Services, Categorization and Trust – all built on a decentralized infrastructure. Web Content Management 2.0 is about a web content management platform that provides: • Rich User Experience • Dynamic Architecture for Participation • Collective Intelligence and Trust • Cost Effective Scaleout • Loosely Coupled Alfresco Web Content Management Alfresco is built on state-of-the-art open source components such as Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, JSF – often the components of choice website developers today. It offers one repository for the whole team. This repository is a modern platform for Web Content Management 2.0 with: • The industry’s most scalable JSR-170 content repository • High-Availability, Fault Tolerance and Scalability – Any number of sites, auto failover and clustering • Multi-Site Change Set Management – Support for projects, sandboxes, changes sets, layers and snapshots • Multi-Site Transactional Publishing – Guaranteed delivery to multiple run-time sites • Virtualization Server – Preview web 2.0 sites updates in context. View site in past, present or future • Deployment Server - Transactional deployment and rollback of site snapshots to a run-environments for scalable content delivery • Web Content Compliance Server – Integrated snap-shotting, auditing and Records Management • Business Process driven Web Content Management User Functionality Users get the functionality they expect from high-end, proprietary WCM tools. They have: • Embeddable content services for community participation • Contextual delivery of information based on community intelligence • Standards-Based Forms to create pages – Using XForms • Publish to Multiple Channels – Via XML • Workflow – Email based • In Context Review – View changes in context of live site with no broken URLs • Manage Branches – Parallel branching and merging • Dependency Management – Impact management and automatic updates • Pre-Built Templates – Websites and website components • Re-use Existing Sites – Easily reuse existing look and feel Benefits This new open source WCM platform delivers significant benefits in the areas of: • Time – Weeks to hours for change sets to be deployed • Cost – One Virtualization Server • Quality – One repository. One virtualization preview • Compliance – Common Governance Framework. One virtualization server for past, present and future, Service Oriented Auditing, Migration – Simple file based migration

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